Sell more products with these 5 expert Facebook Ad strategies for E-commerce

5 ways to sell more products with Facebook ads and why. We take a look at dynamic ads, lead ads, instant experience ads, lookalike audiences and remarketing.

Most webshop owners have tried some sort of advertising on Facebook.

A lot of times I’ve met with new clients who’ve said “I do a bit of Facebook ads”, but when I ask about it, it turns out they are promoting random organic posts on their Facebook page.

However, that is far from all the options you have on Facebook.

To really get into advertising on Facebook and sell more products, you will need a business manager account.


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A successful webshop is not made in a day, and the hard part is often knowing where to invest your budget to get the most out of your marketing.

Especially if you are just starting out, or you’re one of those webshop owners who have been trying out different marketing strategies for a while – you’ll want to read on:

Here are 5 ways of using marketing automation and product feeds to sell more and save time and money using only a fraction of your current marketing budget.